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Meet Lisa Ann Landry – President of Paradigm Shifts Training & Development

My intention is to provide a positive environment of sharing and learning. I wish to use my energy to see and draw to me those who seek enlightenment & empowerment through participating in this process in hopes the sharing will elevate us. all.


Lisa Ann Landry, M.S.M, is an exuberant force of light and empowerment to those she encounters. As a contracted corporate trainer Lisa Ann Landry is determined to present useful and eye-opening programs that offer audiences approaches to the best tactics and methods available for their success.

Lisa Ann Landry has over 25 years experience delivering soft skills and technical training. She became an award-winning orator in high school and continues to delight audiences both nationally and internationally. With an extensive background in human resources training and development, she designs and delivers programs to widely diverse audiences large and small. Her publications include an interactive training program called Internet and Computer Core Concepts produced by Learn Key Corporation and a train the trainer program called COGS – Closers, Openers, Games & Setup produced by Next Steps International.

Lisa Ann Landry holds an MS in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University and completed post graduate courses in Management and Decision Sciences at Walden University. Her corporate experiences in IBM made her wise to the value of being an early adopter to new technologies and techniques which led her to wholeheartedly embrace social media marketing.   Now she is a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert & travels throughout the country teaching Social Media and E-Mail Marketing seminars.

Come light up your life in training and coaching sessions with your social media strategist Lisa Ann Landry.

Melissa Burleson

Hi Lisa, I attended your Social Media Marketing Conference on 5/14 and let me say you and Gena gave some insightful information. I would like to ask your advise on a Facebook issue. I brought this up as a question during the seminar but wanted further clarification. We currently have a business fb account that is NOT tied to a personal account. Our page has multiple photos, member comments, and likes. When reading up on how to merge two business accounts it states that I have to merger the account with fewer like (the one tied to my personal profile) to the one with the most likes (the account that we currently have. Would it be best to just start over and delete the current account we have so that we can search for other companies, like/share their material, and so on? I think this would be the best route for us to go even though we will be loosing the current information that we have out there. The way our account is set up right now it’s impossible to search, like and share other’s ideas. Your thoughts and input would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you!

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