Content Marketing: How to Get Started Now! 

Hey, small business owner! You finally have a few social sites set-up for your business! Yippee! You thought it was a spectacular idea to use these sites to bombard people with announcements of your sales and promotions. Well, how is that working for you? Is it getting old to your fans? Does anyone care? I mean is anyone taking advantage of your sales? Maybe they are more interested in blocking you or reporting you as a spammer?


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In this Book You Will Discover...

  • Why content marketing works better that being Salesy Pushy Slimy Sleazy

    People hate to be sold, but they love to buy! Learn how to give your customers the kind of value that will have them knocking down your door to buy your product!

  • How to give great content that gets engagement by practicing the Law of Reciprocity

    It’s simple, your goal is to educate people and attract them to your content. When you learn, embrace, and practice the Law of Reciprocity you can build a tribe of loyal customers eager to buy your products and services! What’s more…they will tell others!

  • Where to find gallons of content you have already and how to use it effectively!

    Learn how to apply the Little Pink Spoons approach to your content marketing and have enough content to last a year! No more searching for a good idea!

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Lisa Ann’s book is full of information that anyone can use to become a digital marketing rock star! It is written in a simple and straight forward way. It is full of information that is easily implemented to produce results. Her book offers deep insights and tools that will keep you on your “A” game.

Sherry E. Goodall, Digital Marketing Manager
Sherry E. Goodall, Digital Marketing Manager DTLR, Inc

I found Content Marketing: How to Get Started by Lisa Ann Landry to be a very
accessible and practical guide that will be useful to a wide range of people.
What I especially liked was her basic, straightforward language, along with the
examples she provided to support the points she made.

Joyce Feustal, Boomers' Social Media Tutor
Joyce Feustal, Boomers' Social Media Tutor Colorado Free University

fade-leftfade-rightAbout the Author

Lisa Ann Landry, MSM is an ORIGINAL, ENTERPRISING, and FORWARD-THINKING social media strategist.

I've been a strategist ever since I was a little girl. You can't imagine how long it took me to recognize this as a talent. As a social media strategist, I take a range of social media and e-mail tools and techniques and combine them into an integrated approach best suited to my client’s needs.

I'm the President of Paradigm Shifts Training and Development where I work with service-based entrepreneurs to advance their use of social media and e-mail marketing to increase visibility, protect their reputation and increase business.

I am an international trainer for over 25 years covering a broad range of soft skills topics and technical topics.  The soft skills topics as an example, include management skills and emotional intelligence.  The technical topics, which have become a niche for me include social media and e-mail marketing. In addition to a Master degree in management, I have certificates in Advance Social Media and Marketing Management. Additionally, I’m a Constant Contact Local Authorized Expert, and I’m a certified business coach.

Here is an interesting, fun fact—I’ve taught in every state, as well as Canada, Australia, and Japan.  Now that I’ve seen the world I’ve settled down a bit in the Atlanta area where I write training and webinars and walk 3 miles almost every day.


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